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Volunteer with us

Festival CINERGIE offers a wide variety of volunteer positions for youth, adults and seniors in a Francophone environment in Saskatoon. It is the perfect opportunity to support your local Francophone film festival, make connections with the community, practice your French, gain experience to add to your work resume (volunteering is a great way to stand out and get a foot in the door), and gain free access to the festival! CINERGIE offers volunteer positions, both before, and during the festival week and throughout the year.

Before and during the official Festival Edition and CINERGIE « Outside » the Walls events: volunteers are required for non-demanding micro-volunteering tasks (that will not take away large chunks of your time)

  • Poster Posting: set up posters within specific strategic locations in the city (downtown YXE, francophone organizations, UofS, Sask Polytech, francophone and French immersion schools)

  • Set Up: must be available before the event opening hours to set up banners, tables, merch, etc.

CINERGIE 2019 Bénévole Céline Guilloizeau
  • Entrance: welcoming guests, and counting the number of students attending during the school programming

  • Information: able to guide special guests, and audience members, answer basic questions, locate staff members, and provide directions

CINERGIE 2019 Bénévole Älva Jouband-Uusitalo avec les enfants
  • Hand Outs: hand out programs, voting tickets, free access passes to students and satisfaction surveys

  • Merch Sales: supervise merch sales, hand out free goodies and VIP passes.

CINERGIE 2019 Bénévole Romain Chareyron et Jeffrey Klassen - Coup de Projecteur sur l'Ouest
  • Runner/filler: available with a car to pick up anything forgotten before/during the event, fill in gaps, provide a helping hand and replace no-show volunteers.

Want to Make a Lasting Impact 

Throughout the year?

  • CINERGIE Selection Committee Member: watch assigned movies, critique and evaluate them, speak during meetings, offer your opinions and insights. Must have a passion for francophone cinema and understand/speak French with ease. Preferance for people with cinematographic studies or work experience.

  • CINERGIE Spokesperson: promote Festival CINERGIE to your networks, distribute flyers, speak to groups, post on your social media, etc. Must be social, energetic and enthusiastic, with a passion for the festival and francophone cinema.

Festival Volunteers Shirts:

Chose the Position that suits YOU best & join the Volunteer Team

Final steps: please send your resume/CV to Thanks for submitting!

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